The Learnometer

by Fellowship Agency January 13, 2020

Have you heard about the Gratnells Learnometer?

Extensive research has gone into the design and implementation of the Learnometer and the impact it can have on the learning environment and children’s overall progress.

The Gratnells Learnometer monitors the conditions in your classroom so you can create a conducive learning environment. It will measure a range of factors within the environment, such as; CO2, TVOCs, PM2.5, humidity, temperature, light and sound.

After spending time with Year 6 children from Fingeringhoe Primary School, it is clear to see how important the learning environment is for children’s progress and confidence. The children spoke about the positive impact of having the Learnometer in their classroom. They took ownership of the Learnometer and were confident to use its data to change the way they were learning in their classroom.

From having write-on walls, their own plants and tiered seating, the children expressed how much their new learning space has improved their concentration, learning and behaviour.

How could you improve the learning spaces in your school to have the greatest impact?

You can register your interest for the Learnometer here and it will be launching at the BETT show at the end of January 2020.