Learning Rooms LEGO® club

by Fellowship Agency September 7, 2020

Dr Katherine Forsey, Learning Rooms & STEM Consultant and Gratnells STEM Ambassador.

Welcome to the Learning Rooms LEGO® Club. We’ll be sharing the weekly challenges across our social media channels but you can access the entire collection here if you’d like to plan ahead. Find us on social media using #LRLegoClub. Posters and information about each weekly challenge are downloadable from this page to print and use in your classrooms, after-school clubs, community groups or at home.

Through our STEM Ambassador team, Gratnells Learning Rooms has been supporting Explore LEGO® Clubs in libraries across York, UK. We’ve now built up a full year’s worth of ideas and they have been tried and tested by groups of children every week. We are excited to share our themes and challenges with schools, after-school clubs and community groups and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

We are all facing logistical challenges around safely resourcing and carrying out extra-curricular clubs and activities because of COVID-19. Thankfully, LEGO®  is a resource that can be easily split between bubbles or quarantined in trays for 72 hrs if it is to be used by different bubbles. We split our LEGO® into colour coded trays and label them with the date and time they were last used. We store the trays in a handy MakerHub trolley, which is great for displaying our weekly theme posters, working collaboratively to capture our ideas and wheeling around for use or storage.

Schools may consider running two LEGO® clubs each week to accommodate different bubbles, for example, one on a Monday and one on a Thursday, quarantining the LEGO® between sessions. When the same theme is used for each session, photographs of the builds can be taken and shared to capture the children’s work and introduce an element of competition between the bubbles. If needed, LEGO® can also be sterilized by soaking in Milton® following the instructions on the bottle, don’t soak it for any longer than necessary to help prevent colour fade.  

Whether you have an existing LEGO® Club or STEM Club or are starting a new one, we hope you enjoy these themes and challenges.