Flexible storage solutions

by Fellowship Agency May 4, 2017

Storage strategies have also evolved in schools. Technology has enabled teaching staff to streamline their paperwork and cull old resources, and storage cupboards and locations are changing to match.

Many teachers now want pupils to be able to access key resources from their desks as and when they need them to minimise unnecessary movement to a classroom storage cupboard or into a central hall area.

Increasingly schools are introducing mobile tray units into classrooms for shared and personal resources. Small mobile tray units can be located alongside pupil tables to supply them with quick access to pens, paper, crayons, book bags and other equipment. This approach also encourages pupils to develop a sense of personal responsibility in looking after their own resources.

Mobile solutions also support the agility and flexibility of a room, and the equipment can literally follow the pupil within and beyond the classroom. It allows the classroom space to be cleared efficiently, and for the school it avoids costly and heavy fitted furniture that limits the agility of the room.