‘Step-up’ mini stage systems designed to make every classroom into an auditorium

by Fellowship Agency May 18, 2017

As part of its ‘Learning Rooms’ approach which addresses many aspects of the learning and teaching environment, Gratnells, manufacturers and marketers of ‘Stage’ modular systems, is offering schools a variety of mini staging formats which can be easily used and stored in the classroom.

Learning Rooms is a concept supported by leading education experts which, as part of its philosophy, seeks to promote the abilities of every child whether academic, creative or practical.  A vital part of this process involves giving children a stage or platform on which to present, display and share their abilities with class and schoolmates.  The introduction of ‘Step-up’ mini staging modules makes this an easy thing to facilitate, with an in-classroom unit that offers visibility and a presentation platform. Several classroom packs can be consolidated into a bigger format when a major production, in an assembly hall, is planned.