For Parents

Read it, say it, write it

by Fellowship Agency January 18, 2021

This super fun game will keep your child busy for hours! Learn how to read, say and write a selection of words. This can easily be applied to new spellings.

What to do:

  • Create the grid as seen above in an empty tray or box.
  • Get two dice (different colours if possible).
  • Roll both dice.
  • Find the word and action from the grid.
  • Our picture shows Blue 4 and Red 4, so we had to ‘read the word said’. Place the word in the square when it has been read.
  • Read it- read it and place the word in the square
  • Say it- say the word and place it in the square
  • Write it- write out the word on a piece of paper and place it in the square