Confidence platform

by Fellowship Agency March 24, 2022

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A high-quality modular staging system for any learning space – light, robust, well-finished and exceptionally easy to assemble

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Why restrict performance to the hall when it could transform learning in any space? Clever engineering gives you a sturdy stage system so simple to assemble that almost any child can do it. If you need to make the most of your existing space, pack it away and bring it out for specific events or projects.

* Develop oracy and learners’ confidence by allowing them to have opportunities to get on stage before a big event
* Develop solo or small group performances or presentations
* Boost self-esteem using the stage for celebrations.

This Step-Up Stage comes with a single 750mm x 750mm panel complete with birch trim panels and one set of steps.

The total stage area is 0.56 m2

This set comes with:

  • 1 x 750mm x 750mm deck panels
  • 4 x 300mm legs
  • 4 x  750mm deck bars
  • 1 x birch trim
  • 4 x corner mouldings
  • 1 x one step unit

Additional information

Dimensions 1050 × 750 × 300 mm

10 days lead time, Mainland UK