Prep Room

Prep room equipment

by Fellowship Agency May 12, 2017

Equipment used in prep rooms can be extensive, and it should be considered carefully at the design stage, especially because of the space needed, the dimensions of furniture surrounding it, and the range of services required to make it work. The main types of equipment include:

  • Fume cupboard: this should be installed within the chemicals preparation area. The fume cupboard should be ducted, with gas, cold water, drainage and electrical services all required.
  • Washing up machine: Positioned in the wet area with electricity feed plus hot and cold water (anti-siphon) and drainage.
  • Still, for producing distilled water: Wall mounted, with 13 amp electrical sockets (often two), cold water feed and drainage.
  • Drying cabinet: Located near the wet area, with electricity supply and bench space.
  • Fridges: One fridge should be supplied for experimental material with an additional fridge provided for staff use (food storage, etc). A 13 amp socket will be required for each fridge, and the fridges should be positioned under a bench of suitable height to accommodate them.
  • Freezer(s): Again, one or more, with corresponding electrical sockets, fitted under a bench.
  • Ice maker: These can be benchtop models or floor-standing. Electrical feeds from 13 amp sockets will be needed for both options.
  • Emergency eyewash: This should be located by the chemical and wet preparation areas, and should provide a constant flow of clean, cold water.
  • Computer and printer: For administrative this equipment would require mains electricity, plus local area networking links to the Internet and the school’s intranet.