For parents

Playing cards maths

by Fellowship Agency April 14, 2020

Have a go at this What’s in my tray? maths game and see if you can make up the large number using the numbers on the cards…

  • Maths (Year 2)
  • Free Resource
  • Simple resources found in the home.
  • Grab a pack of playing cards and let’s play!

What to do:

  • Remove all the Aces but keep the picture cards (they are worth 10)
  • Either use a pack of numbers or write them on paper and face down.
  • Shuffle the playing cards and face down. 
  • Choose 4 playing cards from the top of the pile and then pick one number from the number pile.
  • Can you make the number using the playing cards? If you can’t add another playing card to see if it helps.