Making car tracks

by Fellowship Agency June 7, 2018

Making tracks in trays with cars is fun, but why not add a challenge element to the task with this #WhatsInMyTray?

What you need…

  • Some shallow F1 Gratnells trays
  • A range of toy cars
  • Different resources/surfaces – we used sand, playdough, mud, paint and paper

What to do…

  • Fill some Shallow F1 Gratnells trays with different materials that cars might make tracks in – we used sand, playdough, mud, paint and paper but you could use anything else that you think of. Experiment with slime, wet sand or glitter.
  • Move the toy cards across the surfaces and see what kinds of tracks they make.

Some questions to ask

  • Which surface/material left the most visible track?
  • Which surface is the easiest for the cars to move across?
  • Would different cars be easier or harder to move? Would different sized wheels make a difference?
  • Are there any other kind of materials that could be tested?

Health and Safety

As with all Gratnells What’s In My Tray Activities, you should carry out your own risk assessment and health & safety measurements prior to undertaking any of the activities with children.