Laboratory storage

by Fellowship Agency May 12, 2017

Pupils usually bring a significant number of items such as books, stationery materials and items of clothing into the school science lab. Simply leaving such personal items on workbenches or floors, or draping clothing over the backs of stools, can pose serious health and safety risks, and coming into contact with chemicals may well cause irreparable damage. For these reasons, proper storage of pupils’ belongings is essential. Additionally, equipment should have its own storage area. Recommendations are:

  • Bags and coats: Place these near to the main door (but not too near to cause an obstruction). Allow space for each pupil’s bag and one coat/bag hook per pupil; two smaller, separated racks leads to less congestion.

  • Ready-use equipment: Items such as bunsen burners, mats, tripods, may need tray units or cupboards in the lab, generally placed under perimeter benching. All other equipment and materials storage should be in prep room(s) shelving or adjacent stores.