Introducing Gratnells new STEM Ambassador team

by Fellowship Agency October 23, 2019

Gratnells, world leader in innovative storage solutions and maker of the iconic Gratnells Tray, has further expanded its commitment to education and the development of future STEM professionals by supporting three members of their team to become STEM Ambassadors. The team will lead Gratnells work to inspire, encourage and support young people in STEM subjects and exemplify the value of STEM skills in life and careers. The all-female team also epitomises Gratnells support for women in STEM. Meet the team below and hear their thoughts on becoming STEM Ambassadors…

(Emily Byham, Katherine Forsey, Amy Collins)

Dr Katherine Forsey, Gratnells Learning Rooms and STEM Consultant

“Gratnells embodies the STEM Ambassador programme’s values, with their long-term commitment to supporting STEM education through their Learning Rooms and What’s In My Tray activities, their apprenticeship and internship opportunities and ongoing sponsorship of the F1 in schools programme. I am proud to work with Gratnells to share my own STEM experience with students, teachers and technicians across the UK and beyond, helping to build the students STEM Capital and sharing my own enthusiasm for the subjects.”

Emily Byham, Gratnells Marketing Coordinator

“I am thrilled to be working alongside Katherine, delivering STEM based activities to students, teachers and technicians around the country. In my four years at Gratnells, I have seen the STEM movement flourish and I feel lucky to be a part of such an important and inspiring cause. It is lovely to see such positivity from participants around the Gratnells What’s In My Tray carousels and I hope that being an all-female team will inspire the next generation of young women to strive for future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Being the Graphic Designer at Gratnells puts me in a great position to create bespoke literature to support our STEM activities, I am able to use my skills to share our passion for STEM both physically and visually.”

Amy Collins, Gratnells Digital Marketing Executive

“I’m excited to explore what it means to be a STEM Ambassador in a digital role and to share different career ideas with students beyond the roles they may expect. As a Digital Marketing Executive, I get to organise, capture and showcase all our activities, ensuring the awe and wonder is retained and shared across all our digital platforms with teachers and learners across the world. The activities that look best on camera are often the most exciting for technicians to prepare, teachers to deliver and students to take part in! I’m proud to be on this journey with Emily and Katherine, I look forward to creating more STEM activities and sharing them with the next generation of STEM professionals.”

Richard Picking, International Marketing Director

“STEM provision and supporting STEM activities within school is central to many of our activities at Gratnells, so we are delighted to have members of our team appointed as STEM ambassadors as this will greatly boost our provision. We believe the opportunities provided by good STEM programmes are essential to inspire and encourage the young engineers and scientists of tomorrow, and provide fulfilling and rewarding careers for today’s learners. Our commitment to STEM activity will continue to grow, and our ambassadors will be fully involved with both developing and delivering this content.”

Take a look at Gratnells recent STEM Ambassador activity…