Innovative learning group report endorsed by Gratnells

by Fellowship Agency November 27, 2017

A recently completed 3-year project entitled “Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change” lead by a team from the University of Melbourne and funded by the Australian Research Council, has produced a series of conclusions which echo much of the philosophy behind Gratnells Learning Rooms.

In particular, the mounting evidence about the practical value of enlightened, innovative and stimulating learning spaces are given further credence with the report’s findings on flexibility of the teaching space; the ability to use different teaching approaches and use of technology within the space.

These are all aspects of the Gratnells Learning Rooms approach, not only in the broad sweep of the policy but in practical applications of the company’s work, including its ubiquitous storage systems, (flexibility of space) its work with outdoor learning and what’s in my tray programme (different teaching approaches) and its design innovations with mobile devices (use of technology within the space).

Gratnells welcomes the report and its findings as an important contribution to the future of education.  As the authors of the report conclude:

“Teachers transitioning into innovative spaces are concerned with configuration of the new space, the use of furniture in that space and how students transition into the space.”

Global experience and evidence suggests that there is a close connection between the more creative teaching environments, with better use of space and higher student engagement and achievement.

Teachers’ perceptions of ILEs