Gratnells puts Arduino Science Kit in focus

by Fellowship Agency September 25, 2019

Gratnells, the global leader in storage solutions, has continued its commitment to inspiring STEAM students across the world by producing a suite of instructional experiment videos for digital device experts, Arduino.

Gratnells, the creator of the iconic Gratnells tray, has been providing solutions directly to more than 68 countries from the UK for over 40 years.

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software which has been used in thousands of different projects and applications, with particular popularity amongst schools and colleges who benefit from open-source flexibility.  Suddenly electronics and code become creative tools that anyone can use – just like brushes and paint. Arduino Education offers programs for the classroom – kits, bundles and boards with learning paths for individual and collaborative educational approaches.

The Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab is the first official Arduino kit designed for scientific exploration for middle school students aged 11 to 14. Developed in partnership with Google, this kit allows students to experiment with forces, motion, magnetism, and conductivity through fun experiments such as Buzz Wire, Pirate Ship and Drop Zone. To raise awareness of the kit ahead of the new school year, the company recently commissioned a series of one-minute instructional videos. The goal was to visually promote critical thinking and problem solving through an inquiry-based learning approach, helping students and teachers quickly set up and make best use of their new kit.

Arduino turned to Gratnells for assistance as the Harlow based company has produced a number of student/teacher activity videos themselves. The ‘What’s in My Tray’ series has become a regular fixture on YouTube and Social Media, inspiring students and educators all over the world to conduct stimulating and enjoyable activities using the Gratnells Tray.

Arduino concluded that each video would need to show hands working on the build and despite a brisk one-minute duration, clearly outline every process from start to finish. Gratnells worked with education and outreach consultant Dr Katherine Forsey and two students to test the set-up of the kits and then film each process taking place. The videos were shot on-site at Gratnells using a single camera on a continuous time-loop, then edited for consistency and accuracy.

Amy Collins, Digital Marketing Executive at Gratnells said, “We are very pleased with the way these short instructional videos have turned out for Arduino. It was great to work closely throughout  and receive regular feedback as this ensured both Arduino and Gratnells were happy with the outcome of the final videos. We are now looking forward to seeing how these are received and the future experiments that will be conducted, inspired by them.”

The projects featured in the Arduino Science Kit have been aligned with NGSS and the UK National Science Curriculum, so teachers can be assured that the Physics Lab is not only easy to set up and fun to use, but also contains all the necessary lesson plans and physical experiments for students to actively engage with their learning.

As education equipment becomes more technologically advanced and sophisticated, an increasing number of STEAM kit developers at home and abroad are turning to Gratnells to provide trays and SmartCases capable of housing bespoke kit components. The relationship between Gratnells and Arduino originally began in this way, as the Gratnells tray was identified as the ideal tool for presenting and safely storing the Arduino Physics Lab Science Kit. The choice of Gratnells trays also ensures kits have a ready-made space within classrooms, as the trays will fit directly into a wide range of classroom furniture.

“Our collaboration with Gratnells has allowed us to offer a more flexible, reliable and modular storage solution for the classroom” says Valentina Chinnici, Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab Product Owner. “Now teachers can benefit from a new generation of Arduino Education products, which democratise technologies making them more affordable and accessible to people who don’t have any prior experience with coding”.

The completed instructional videos are now live on both Gratnells and Arduino YouTube channels. They are also currently being shared on a weekly basis via both companies’ social media profiles as part of #PhysicsFriday.

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