Gratnells lends support to UK school science technician survey

by Fellowship Agency May 18, 2017

Gratnells, one of the the UK’s leading suppliers of storage and stage systems to the schools sector, has sponsored the publication of a far-reaching report which highlights the role and importance of school science technicians.

The report was commissioned by, which has been active in this area for almost a decade supporting school science technicians in their daily work and helping them share knowledge and information.

The report’s main conclusions include the need for the profession to attract more young recruits and highlight the wide range of tasks which school science technicians perform.

The 25-page document looks in detail at the work of the sector, and in particular at the degree of insight and understanding that others have of it.  85% of the technicians surveyed said they were happy with their career choice, but many feel there is much to do informing school leaders and government of the importance of their role.

This group of staff is well known to Gratnells, through its provision of products which are used extensively in science departments. Marketing Director Richard Picking comments, “School science technicians perform a wide range of vital tasks in schools, from resourcing and setting up practical work to managing budgets, supervising school trips to asset tracking.  We’ve been pleased to support this research and to promote the excellent work carried out by the large and committed community of science technicians.”