For parents

Finding a quarter

by Fellowship Agency June 15, 2020

Are you learning about fractions? Try this simple What’s in my tray? activity to find quarters of objects.

  • Maths (KS1)
  • Fractions of objects
  • Simple to create at home

What to do:

  • Find a selection of objects
  • Get four containers and label them with 1/4 as pictured above.
  • To find a quarter, simply share the objects one by one into each of the containers.
  • When there are no objects left, count how many are in each container.
  • Each container should have the same number of objects if they have been shared equally.
  • One container is equal to one quarter (1/4).
  • In our picture above, 1/4 of 28 is equal to 7. There were 28 objects in total and then in each container there were 7 objects.
  • Can you find quarters of different objects in your home?