Prep Room

Designing a good prep room environment

by Fellowship Agency May 12, 2017

Prep rooms have a particular need for natural light (as science technicians work within the prep room environment for most of their day) and good ventilation (≥ 6 air changes per hour).

Other Science Areas for Consideration

Learning areas

For example: demonstration theatres, individual learning pods, group discussion areas, student resources bases, study areas.

All of these need good mains electrical provision and ICT access.

Where gas, water, electricity services are provided, all master controls, fire and Health and Safety provision are required. Security and supervision also need to be addressed.

Greenhouses, environmental areas, ponds, etc.

These should be sited near, or within, science areas for better security and supervision, and be able to receive plenty of sunlight as well as protection from the wind.

  • Greenhouses will also need water and drainage, plus mains electrical power and electrical services should be water-proofed.
  • Ventilation and heat control should be operated by roller blinds and automatic w.indows.
  • Heating should be via a thermostatically controlled fan, independent of the school heating system.
  • Watering system – automatice.
  • Lighting – standard 300lux for working; 11000-21500 lux for plant growth (see Guide L14 , CLEAPSS).

Support areas

  • Management and administration areas should be sited adjacent to the prep room and science lab.
  • Work stations for teachers, technicians and support staff should be supplied, each with secure personal locker, table, office chair, filing cabinet, ≥ 4 electrical sockets and ICT access (Internet and school intranet).
  • Meeting rooms should be provied for interviews, counselling, etc., separate to other Electrical sockets should be available in each room, along with telephone and ICT access, chairs and tables.
  • Secure stores for paper, textbooks, exam papers, , with stable shelving ≤ 2m height.
  • Social/refreshment areas may be integrated with management areas
  • Food and drink preparation: This requires clean surfaces, sink and drainer with hot and cold taps, separate or combined fridge and freezer, water cooler, kettle, microwave, toaster and other food preparation devices as cold drinking water, hot water facility and drainage is necessary, along with suitable number of 13 amp electrical sockets.
  • Furniture: This should consist of easy chairs, coffee tables,


  • Toilets: Staff, pupils and disabled toilets should be provided, with easy access from science Note: staff toilets must be separate from pupils’ toilets, and male toilets separate from female.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Stores for cleaning and maintenance materials should be completely separate from labs, prep rooms and science stores.