Create your own rainforest

by Fellowship Agency March 22, 2021

Gratnells has partnered with AmazeLab to create an exclusive collection of #WhatsInMyTray activities.

Make your own rainforest in a tray with this simple task that is easy to do at home or in school.


  • Gratnells tray
  • Water
  • Pebbles
  • Jug
  • Tin foil
  • Play-Doh/modelling clay
  • Tissue paper – ideally green and blue
  • Card
  • Scissors

What to do:

  • Take your Gratnells tray
  • Create a trough with your tinfoil making sure it has upright edges
  • Add the tinfoil trough to the tray and surround the tinfoil with pebbles. This is your river.
  • Add water to your jug and then pour the water into the tinfoil to bring the river to life!
  • Cut your blue tissue paper in a vertical direction to create the effect of a water fall and place this over the end of your tray leading into the river.
  • Cut out your green tissue paper to create the tops of your trees.
  • Using the cardboard, cut into slips, curling them round to make cylinders. These will form the tallest tress in your rainforest.
  • Secure the cardboard base of the trees to the tray with Play-Dog/modelling clay
  • Use the green tissue paper to add the tops of the trees. Enjoy your rainforest!

Next steps:

  • What animals would you find in a rainforest?
  • Can you add them to your habitat?

Big questions:

  • Why are trees important in a rainforest?
  • What animals would you find living in a rainforest?
  • How could you describe this habitat?
  • Is this habitat suitable for all types of animals? Explain your answer.

Curriculum Area: Science
Topic: Habitats
Age group: Early Years and Key Stage One