Create your own coast

by Fellowship Agency February 25, 2021

Gratnells has partnered with AmazeLab to create an exclusive collection of #WhatsInMyTray activities.

Make your own coast in a tray with this simple task that is easy to do at home or in school.


• Gratnells tray/any container
• Sand
• Water
• Pebbles
• Shells
• Blue food colouring
• Jug
• Beach animals/toys or laminated pictures

What to do:

1) Take your Gratnells tray or any container
2) Add sand to one half of the tray
3) Add water to your jug
4) Add a few drops of blue food colouring to the water in the jug and stir well
5) Add the water to the other half of your tray
6) Create a rock pool with your pebbles and decorate your beach with shells.

Next steps:

What animals would you find near the coast? Can you add them to your habitat?

Big questions:

1. Why are rockpools important?
2. What animals would you find in a rockpool?
3. How could you describe this habitat?
4. Is this habitat suitable for all types of animals? Explain your answer.

Curriculum Area: Science
Topic: Habitats
Age group: Early Years and Key Stage One