Cardboard tube bird feeders

by Fellowship Agency June 12, 2018

In support of the RSPB #BigSchoolsBirdWatch, we’ve been making homemade birdfeeders that you can easily make at school or home to treat the birds to something spectacular!

You will need…

  • 1 F1 Gratnells tray
  • 1 4×4 Gratnells insert for organisation of ingredients
  • Cardboard tubes (toilet roll or kitchen roll)
  • Peanut butter
  • Birdseed
  • Mealworm mix
  • Lolly sticks/spatulas
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

What to do…

  • Take a cardboard tube (toilet or kitchen roll tubes work well) and make two holes at the top on either side of the tube.
  • Dip your tube into some peanut butter and spread it around the entirety of the outside of the tube.
  • Dip and roll your peanut butter tubes into any kind of birdfeed – we’ve used standard bird seed and a mealworm mix. Shake off any excess food and set aside.
  • Thread some string through the holes and tie in a knot at the top so that the feeder will be able to hang on a tree or bush.
  • You can put the finished tubes into the freezer so that the peanut butter sets, but it isn’t imperative.

Health and Safety

As with all Gratnells Learning Rooms What’s In My Tray Activities, you should carry out your own risk assessment prior to undertaking any of the activities with children. Be aware of allergies when using peanut butter.