Performing Arts

Boosting self confidence with performing arts

by Fellowship Agency May 9, 2017

Being ‘on-stage’ either as an individual or part of a group is one of the most valuable experiences of children’s lives, fostering a sense of confidence, rewarding excellence with a place in the spotlight and making the very best of group activities for performers, producers, backstage crew and teachers too.

Gratnells STAGE will provide you with a system that helps raise standards, inspires performance and gives children literally a step-up in the enjoyment and value they get from their time at school.  For the teaching and support staff it offers a flexible and quality system to a very wide range of performance, activity and display work.

Modular in design, it can be used as a speaker dais, a winner’s podium or a show-and-tell presentation, up to staging for bands, orchestras, pageants, raised audience seating and large-scale theatre, it helps deliver children’s activities, achievements and triumphs to an admiring audience.