Blue glittery slime

by Fellowship Agency June 6, 2018

After trying to perfect slime for a long time, we finally found a recipe that works for us! This #WhatsInMyTray activity offers the perfect way to make slime and uses a Gratnells tray to fully mix accessories into your slime to make it super fancy!

You will need…

  • 1 F1 Gratnells Tray
  • PVA Glue (lots of it!)
  • Food colouring
  • Laundry starch (powder)
  • Water
  • Glitter (or other accessories including sequins, beads, pom poms, etc.)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Spatula
  • Measuring spoon
  • Storage pots

What to do…

  • Place a mixing bowl into a Gratnells tray. This will be good for collecting any spillages, but also comes in handy later on!
  • Pour a fair amount of PVA glue into the mixing bowl and drop in some food colouring – we chose blue – and mix thoroughly.Mix a teaspoon of powdered laundry starch with water until the powder dissolves.
  • Once the food colouring is fully mixed with the glue, add a teaspoon of your laundry starch mixture and stir. It will take time to come together, patience is key!
  • Add a teaspoon of the laundry starch at a time, and mix thoroughly each time. Eventually, the mixture will start to come together and form strings. Once it starts to come away from the sides of the mixing bowl, it’s almost ready.
  • When the mixture is almost together, set the mixing bowl aside and sprinkle some glitter into the bottom of your Gratnells tray.
  • Pour the slime right on top of the glitter and start to knead the slime in your hands. It will be sticky at first, but add a little more of the laundry starch mixture and the slime should start to stick to itself.
  • You have slime! Mix it around in your hands, make patterns with it, see what different sounds you can make. Store your slime in recycled yoghurt pots with a cling-film lid!

Health and Safety

As with all Gratnells What’s In My Tray activities, you should carry out your own risk assessment prior to undertaking any activities with children.