For parents

Days of the week

by Fellowship Agency May 5, 2020

Can you remember the days of the week in order? This fun activity will help you learn the days in the correct order!

  • English (KS1)
  • Simple to create in school or at home

What to do:

  • Gather the resources- Post-it notes, pen and write the days of the week onto paper.
  • First, put the days of the week in order on the left-hand side.
  • Next, write the days out and underline the first letter (pink post-it).
  • The fun part comes next- can you think of a sentence that each word begins with a day of the week?
  • Our sentence is- My time with the family sounds smashing!
  • Each word in the sentence helps us to remember the day of the week in the correct order.
  • Can you think of a funny sentence to help you remember the days of the week?