What’s in my tray? – Autumn

by Fellowship Agency May 25, 2017


Gratnells Trays are ideal for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities but now the summer is drawing to a close, it is the perfect time to get the children outside to explore the elements that the changing seasons offer. 

 Colour sorting in Gratnells Trays is a fun, simple and educational outdoor activity with no limit to numbers. Take your trays outside and encourage the children to forage in the great outdoors and work as a team to find as many colour shades as they can. Greens, reds, oranges and browns will of course be the most suitable tray colours for autumn but other colours such as yellows, purples and pinks will offer a more challenging activity for the older children. 

Not only will the trays hold their findings but they will also provide a central display area for all the children to observe and discuss when back in the classroom.