What’s in my tray? activities at home with ArthurWears

by Fellowship Agency December 6, 2019

Early years teacher and mummy blogger Sarah began posting as ArthurWears in 2015. The blog covers all things Early Years from learning through play to home décor to school advice.

Recently, Gratnells Learning Rooms partnered with ArthurWears to share a new range of What’s in my tray? activities for EYFS. Using a selection of iconic Gratnells trays, Sarah created five moveable, learning through play challenges that are suitable for home or school. The activities cover sorting & classifying, phonics, sensory, maths and independent play & learning.

Like the Gratnells Learning Rooms project, Sarah is also passionate about the importance of the learning environment in a child’s learning journey.

Learn more about the activities and ArthurWears here: