Blog Post 6

Week 6

by Fellowship Agency March 19, 2021

As a result of the successful implementation of our PLS process at two schools, we will be showcasing the Design Framework we have created at the GESS Dubai Education Global Leadership Summit next week. By joining us for the virtual session, you will gain an insight as to what our PLS process involves and how it works effectively for any school environment.

The Planning Learning Spaces Core Team will be presenting our findings and they include;

  • Murray Hudson– Managing Director, Gratnells Ltd
  • Terry White– PLS Director
  • Bhavini Pandya– PLS UK Lead facilitator
  • Sandra Jenkins– PLS NZ facilitator


By working closely with school staff and students we take them through this process which will be explained in more detail at our GESS presentation;

  • Explore the school’s vision and values and how they translate into the day-to-day observable behaviours for learning and teaching.
  • Review their current and intended next practice for learning and teaching in line with the PLS framework headings.
  • Translate these outcomes into learning activities and behaviours for learning to inform the design approach.
  • Reimagine the interior design of the intended new spaces and learning zones within the school.
  • Develop and test the new organizational model needed to collaboratively deliver the required learning and teaching experience.
  • Develop a strategy for change to develop and transition into the new learning spaces.
  • Review and evaluate the use of spaces.

The PLS process has enabled the schools that we work with to create and reimagine their learning spaces. In focusing collaboratively on developing the next practice we have supported the re-design of existing learning environments and the transition from single-cell rooms to more open-plan collaborative spaces.


Commenting on how the PLS process made staff reflect, Principal Alicia Whata says “We were able to think of these key questions; what are the learning needs of our students? How do we need to organise the learning to make this happen? and how does our learning space design and organisation enhance and facilitate this process?”

The PLS framework itself is a very reflective process that allows all key stakeholders to continually judge the effectiveness of the changes that have been made, to ensure it is having a positive impact on both the teachers and learners.

Join us at the GESS presentation to find out more information.


Bhavini Pandya

Gratnells Learning Rooms Leader and Lead Project Facilitator