For parents

Sharing into groups

by Fellowship Agency May 27, 2020

This simple Maths activity will help your child to share objects equally into groups. This will also support their division skills.

  • Maths (KS1)
  • Division (sharing into groups)
  • Simple to do at home

What to do:

  • Find a range of counting objects and place them in a container.
  • Write a division calculation to solve.
  • Count the objects to match the biggest number in your calculation (e,g 12÷2, we have counted 12 lids to place in the top container)
  • If you are sharing into two groups then you need two containers to share into. You can change this depending on choice.
  • Now share the lids into the two equal groups, one lid at a time.
  • To find the answer, count how many lids are in one of the equal groups.
  • 12 ÷2= 6