Rethinking learning spaces – how one school in Cambridge is creating Covid aware classrooms

by Fellowship Agency August 14, 2020

With social distancing and heightened hygiene measures in place, what does a Covid aware classroom look like?

Trumpington Park Primary School in Cambridge are rethinking their learning spaces and are setting up for September. Following current government guidance with regards to full classes returning to schools, they are making changes to the ways in which their classrooms are normally set up and the ways in which students and teachers interact with the spaces.

The school are using the trays and trolleys from the Callero Shield range to add an extra level of protection to their spaces. Antimicrobial trolleys and trays are being used throughout as cleaning stations, sanitation hubs and for general storage in classrooms. The BioCote® additive protects against various viruses, bacteria and germs and reduces the risk of cross contamination in shared spaces.

Following government guidelines, desks have mostly been arranged in rows as students are now allowed to sit side by side but are encouraged to face away from one another. Classes that have fewer students will continue to follow social distancing and use the 1-2-3 method highlighted in our recent ‘Recipe for Return’.

Outdoor learning may be favoured in some schools where it is possible. Taking lessons or sports outside reduces the risk of spread of infections and allows more space to practice social distancing. The Gratnells Rover is in use to safely transport equipment and learning resources outside with ease.

The teachers and staff are hopeful that the addition of a range of antimicrobial products will have a positive impact within the learning environment and encourage social distancing and a strong focus on hygiene practices.

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