Recipe for return

by Fellowship Agency June 2, 2020

Understanding how to control the spread of infection within schools is crucial in planning the process of allowing students to return stage by stage. We have been working with some schools to create a basic recipe for return, acknowledging the need for social distancing, and the individual learning requirements of the students. Our ‘Recipe for Return’ is a first step that could provide answers for most situations, and the assurance that some basic needs are being considered.

1. A desk, easy clean and ideally with an antimicrobial system.

2. A plastic chair preferably with an antimicrobial system.

3. Two Gratnells antimicrobial trays – a jumbo tray under each desk and a shallow tray on each desk used as a desk tidy or for personal belongings

Once you have these in place we have some suggestions for use.

1. Allow only 15-20 students per class.

2. Hand sanitising on entry and regular intervals.

3. Strict and regular daily cleaning regime.

4. All personal belongings in the under-desk jumbo tray.

5. All lesson equipment and sanitiser in the desk tidy / shallow tray.


You can download a copy of the full infographic above.