Prep Room

Prep room services

by Fellowship Agency May 12, 2017

Safety and security concerns are just as important in the prep room as they are in the ccience lab. Prep rooms require:

  • Master controls (emergency shut-offs) for gas, electricity and water; plus zoned controls for isolation and maintenance.
  • Colour-coded pipes, with direction of flowclearly marked.
  • ICT: Internet/intranet access, with a telephone connected to the school telecommunications system.

Fire, Health & Safety

As with the science lab, prep rooms require:

  • Noise, fire, smoke and fumes to be contained
  • Fire extinguishers (CO2 – not water based and preferably not powder) and fire blankets.
  • First aid kits.
  • Emergency eyewash.
  • Emergency alarms points in the prep room, or close to it.
  • Telephones, to reduce the safety risks of working alone.