Prep Room

Prep room furniture

by Fellowship Agency May 12, 2017

Appropriate furniture should be provided in order that Science Technicians responsible for preparation of Science materials and equipment can work efficiently and effectively. Furniture requirements include:

  • Benches, ≥ 900mm high, to suit adults, with sufficient clearance underneath for fridges, dishwashers, a measurement of 240-270mm from the top of the stool to the underside of the worktop allows sufficient upper leg clearance for the technician to sit comfortably at the work surface.
  • Stools for benches, with back rests.
  • Chairs and desks for administration.
  • Notice boards and whiteboards for administration.
  • Equipment trolleys (for mobile storage and preparation) – these should be the same height as benches.
  • Shelving should be ≤ 2m high, stable and secured to a Floors should be designed to cope with maximum loads, especially where rolling storage is installed. Stepladders should be provided: height equal to the top shelf, with grab rails and platform.