Orange bird feeders

by Fellowship Agency June 12, 2018

In support of the RSPB #BigSchoolsBirdWatch, we’ve been making homemade birdfeeders that you can easily make at school or home to treat the birds to something spectacular!

You will need…

  • Two Shallow F1 Gratnells trays
  • Once 2×2 Gratnells tray insert
  • Oranges
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Lard
  • Mixed birdseed

What to do…

  • Cut an orange in half and hollow out the flesh. It’s best to do this inside a Shallow Gratnells Tray to catch the inside of the oranges and any juice and mess
  • Once hollowed, make a hole in the skin and thread some string through, tying a large knot on one side. This will allow your birdfeeder to hang
  • Mix a ball of lard with handfuls of birdseed, regularly adding more to increase the size of the ball. Push the mixture into the orange to fill the entirety of the skin, adding more mixture if necessary
  • You may want to freeze the oranges to help the lard to solidify before putting them outside
  • Once the oranges and lard are frozen, take your feeder outside your school and hang it from a tree. Watch as the birds enjoy a tasty treat!

Health and Safety

As always, please carry out your own risk assessments before partaking in a Gratnells Learning Rooms What’s in my Tray? activity. Small children should not operate sharp scissors/knives and we would advise adult supervision with the cutting/hollowing of the orange.