For parents

Multiplying by 2, 5 and 10

by Fellowship Agency May 18, 2020

This What’s in my tray? activity will help you to multiply numbers by 2,5 and 10.

  • Maths (KS1)
  • Multiplication practise
  • Easy to recreate at home

What to do:

  • Find an empty container, tray or box.
  • Using masking tape, make a grid.
  • Write a selection of numbers (depending on the level of challenge) and put them in a container.
  • Write x2, x5 and x10 into the grid.
  • Pick a number
  • Find any object to roll into the grid (we’ve used a foam square) and wait for it to stop.
  • We have landed in x5 so our calculation to solve is ‘3×5=’