Health & Safety

Laboratory fire, health and safety

by Fellowship Agency May 12, 2017

There are number of key fire, health and safety measures to be considered within any school science lab. They include:

  • The need for noise, fire, smoke and fumes to be.This can be a problem when movable walls are fitted.
  • Emergency alarm points should be installed in each science lab or close to the alarm system  and should not emit the same audio warning as the lesson change system.
  • An emergency eyewash station should be provided in each science lab. A constant clean cold water supply, pressure reduced if necessary, is essential.
  • Fire extinguishers (2 x CO2) and fire blanket in each lab; one extinguisher and the blanket to be readily accessible, located by the demonstration bench. Extinguishers should not be water- based due to substantial electrical circuits and items within the science lab, and preferably not powder-based, which causes severe damage to equipment.
  • First Aid kit in each lab, readily accesible.
  • Health & Safety zone preferable.
  • Signs for Health & Safety and Fire to be approved versions only.
  • Doors – see Access/Egress and Security, P9.
  • Sprinkler systems/alarm systems; preferably not fitted, but if so, fit heat sensors only, with trigger temperatures above that which Bunsen burners in science lab use can manage. Additionally, control of the sensor system should be accessible by science staff during any working hours (experiments can easily set alarm systems off ).