Hazardous chemicals storage

by Fellowship Agency May 11, 2017

The purpose of these areas is to support the practical work taking place in laboratories. They are for the preparation, maintenance and repair of equipment and materials and for the disposal of materials when they are finished with. As such, they are for the use of science technicians (and science teachers who are preparing or practising practical activities) with administration facilities focused on the support of practical work. Other management and administrative functions, social and refreshment activities, should be catered for in other spaces.


Chemicals:  A separate, secure storeroom for hazardous chemicals is essential. It should open into the prep room and be separately ventilated.

Radioactives:  Radioactive sources must be stored in a metal cupboard within a secure storeroom. This storeroom is usually one used mainly for general equipment or paper resources.

Other storerooms:  These will be needed for gas cylinders, general equipment, paper, textbooks, ICT equipment, etc. Most of these will need to be secure as a protection from theft or damage. Some equipment (eg vacuum glassware, high voltage equipment) will also need additional security for health and safety reasons.

All stores should be easily accessible from the prep room(s) and the laboratories.