Dubai CPD workshop attracts 100 delegates

by Fellowship Agency May 18, 2017

A CPD workshop entitled ‘Enabling Environments’, directed at the Early Years and Pre-School sector and held in Dubai recently, attracted almost 100 delegates to the Rotana Hotel venue.

Organised by UK-based sector provider of storage, systems and staging Gratnells, the event was a collaborative project with local training company Quest, Early Years Educational Services (EYES) and local distributors NMC.

The workshop explored the entire ‘landscape’ of the learning environment for positive and enjoyable early years schooling, both in and out of the classroom.

The delegates proved to be an enthusiastic and highly motivated audience and their participation inspired discussion ranging from resourcing and materials requirements to support for self-directed, child led activities and the creation of bespoke areas to promote a wide range of activities from reading to role play and science to sensory stimulation.

There was overwhelming support for the proposition that the correct use of space and the quality of the learning environment has a marked and measurable role in improving the learning process and producing better outcomes for children.

Less clutter, more use of outside space, the need for mobility and flexibility and the desire for creative space were all high on the delegates’ priority lists, with Outside areas (28%), Reading areas (25%) and Sensory areas (23%) the top three identified in feedback forms.

The workshop was the second of a series planned by Gratnells, which has been encouraged by the positive reception that the British education model is enjoying in the Middle East.  International Marketing Director for Gratnells, Richard Picking, comments

“There’s no doubt that our system of education and the quality of our teaching is highly respected across the region.  We’re happy to be a beneficiary of that and we will be increasing our presence and activities there in the future.  We’re a British manufacturer that exports to more than 60 countries around the world but more importantly we are a pioneer in creating and utilising harmonious and stimulating learning environments for teachers and students around the world.”