Create your own ocean

by Fellowship Agency February 18, 2021

Gratnells has partnered with AmazeLab to create an exclusive collection of #WhatsInMyTray activities.

Make your own ocean in a tray with this simple task that is easy to do at home or in school.


  • Gratnells tray/any container
  • Baby oil
  • Water
  • Blue food colouring or ink

What to do:

1) Take your Gratnells tray or any container that you have at home.
2) Add the baby oil to the tray covering the base.
3) Add the water to the tray (Same amount as oil).
4) Add 3-5 drops of blue food colouring or ink.
5) Move your tray around to create your own ocean!

Big questions:

1. How does this environment pose as a danger to animals?
2. How could this environment be repaired?
3. What effect does the pollution have on the animals?
4. What impact does this environment have on food chains?

Curriculum Area: Science
Topic: Habitats – Living things and their habitats
Age group: Key Stage Two